Chopping Boards

These great-looking boards are made by bonding slices of unusual wonky timber to FSC Birch Ply, using this method we can use interesting looking timber that would normally be too unstable, brittle, rotten or wormy.

Our normal wood sources are reclaimed trees that have been blown down, cleared for building or been removed because they are diseased and unsafe, we kiln dry after planking, then slice into thick lamella. The lamella are then stacked for two weeks after going through the big sander to allow them to adjust.

The lamella are then resanded and bonded to the ply. Pigmented resin is used where applicable to enhance and create more interest, then it’s back on the shelf for another two weeks. After their rest the boards are sanded and oiled with a food grade mineral oil. Our pricing is based on the amount of labour involved in getting from wet tree trunk to beautiful oiled chopping board. 

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